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For members and visitors who have been coming to Los Cabos for years or decades, the growth has been easy to spot. Cabo has grown from a sleepy fishing village at the tip of the Baja peninsula, into a global vacation hotspot, frequented by celebrities, athletes, and families and travelers from all over the world. More and more resorts and developments are under construction or planned in the following years and the local and Federal government have been busy keeping up with the growth all over the southern tip of the state. While it is easy to spot new villas and golf courses popping up, like those at Rancho San Lucas, there is a lot of key factors to the why this growth is happening, and what the government has done to sustain all the new visitors and residents.

So why is Cabo so popular?

  • Location is truly the key. A family of 4 or 5 looking to plan a vacation, generally look at convenience, and price as major factors in their decision making process. Sitting on a plane for 8 hours with 2 or 3 children is not a fun way to start or end a vacation. SJD airport is within a 5-hour flight from almost every Canadian and US cities with the average flight duration being 3 hours. To keep up with the demand to visit Los Cabos, Delta, United, Southwest, American Airline, Sunwing, Westjet and others have added dozens of new affordable flights.
  • The weather. Los Cabos is a year round destination now, Grand Solmar Vacation Club members no longer view Cabo as a winter spot, as summer travel has been booming over the last decade for families. Los Cabos remains quite dry and is not hot and humid as the eastern coast of Mexico or the Caribbean.
  • World-class amenities. There are very few places, that offer nightlife, fine dining, some of the world’s best fishing and golf courses, in such close proximity. In Los Cabos there are no 2-hour commutes to activities and events, everything is quite close, providing the action, or relaxation within minutes away from your resort.

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Keeping up with the growth

  • In order to support the new flights, the airport has been expanded, and another new expansion is currently underway. Also, the brand new toll road, has been added, connecting San Jose to the Pacific corridor, now arriving guests can be from the terminal to Grand Solmar at Rancho San Lucas, within 40 minutes!
  • Eco friendly approach – Being a desert climate, water is not abundant. New golf courses have added grass that is watered using seawater. The newest technology in the golf world allows beautiful green courses to be built and does not affect the water table.
  • Transportation has improved tremendously in Los Cabos, from new airport shuttles, public busses and shuttles for tourists, locals and private resort shuttles and employees. This helps provide options for visitors and cut down on traffic on the roads to speed up commutes.

There is no better time to plan a trip back to use your Grand Solmar Vacation Club members; we look forward to seeing you soon!

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